So what I want to know is …

… once the Twinkies are gone, what will take their metaphoric place?

Janni Lee Simner

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Author of the post-apocalyptic Bones of Faerie trilogy (Bones of Faerie, Faerie Winter, and Faerie After) and the Icelandic saga-based fantasy Thief Eyes, as well as four other novels and more than 30 short stories. Check out Finding Your Sense of Place, my ebook on emotion, description, and the craft of writing. You can find out more about me here or join my email list for ongoing updates here.
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3 Responses to So what I want to know is …

  1. Non-metaphoric Twinkies I won’t actually miss all that much. Though perhaps I should have bought the one sitting on the hotel shop shelf in Vegas Saturday for old time’s sake. But sitting alongside its fellow snack foods like that, it didn’t look like it was already becoming scarce.

  2. I never liked actual Twinkies either, but I already miss orange Cupcakes. I’ll have to survive on Krimpets now. It’s not all that horrifying to me, really. I hardly ever eat that kind of thing anyway.

    • About a year ago I had my first Twinkie in like a decade. I think I stopped thinking nostalgic thoughts about them then, when I realized how much they didn’t match up with my fond childhood memories.

      Do the cupcakes still have the squiggles? The squiggles are important. :-)

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