Janni Lee Simner


The Writing Life Series

Practical tools for honing your craft and unlocking your creative power

  • Finding Your Sense of Place
    Use setting and description to bring your characters to life and increase the emotional impact of your stories
  • Doing What You Love
    Write more and worry less with down-to-earth strategies for how to get startedóand how to keep goingóliving a creative life

General Nonfiction Articles

  • "Interview With My Bully: The Courage to Remember," Salon.com , October 3, 2011
  • "That Kid," Dear Bully, edited by Megan Kelley Hall and Carrie Jones (Harper Teen)
  • "Iceland's Land and Lore," Realms of Fantasy, February 2008; Journal of the Mythic Arts, August 2008
  • "Reader-Friendly Web Sites," The Storyteller, December 2000
  • "A Collaborative Effort," Art Works, Spring 1999
  • "LA Story," Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Spring 1998
  • "Walking for the Walks for Peace," Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Spring 1997
  • "Answering the Great Call of China," Washington University Magazine and Alumni News, Summer 1995

Science and Health Writing

For nearly two decades I've used my dual degree in biology and English to translate scientific subjects into language that non-scientists can understand. Here are some samples of what I've written:

Promotional Materials

I've written hundreds of brochures, newsletters, fliers, catalogs, letters, ads, press releases, and other promotional pieces. Companies and organizations I've worked with include:

  • The University of Arizona Bio5 Institute
  • Pima Community College
  • The Association for Media-Based Continuing Education for Engineers
  • The University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center
  • The University of Arizona College of Education
  • The University of Arizona Extended University
  • The University of Arizona Summer Session
  • The University of Arizona Correspondence Program
  • Workplace Learning Week
  • NVision Networking, Inc.
  • Innovative Systems Design
  • Washington University in St. Louis